Prop Betting Strategy Tips

Prop Betting Strategy Tips – How To Do It Right in 2022? Having a great methodology is a fair one portion of getting to be a fruitful sports wagering devotee. It might appear like we’re over exaggerating here, but it’s the truth!

50% up to $1,000

50% Up to $250

50% up to $1,000.

50% up to $1,000

Having a methodology and staying with it implies continually being centered and looking at the long-term picture. As it were at that point can you genuinely get it wagering esteem and oversee your budget in like manner.
Those are the key foundations of methodology in online sports betting. Prop wagering methodology, rather like all other wagering categories, doesn’t have a set of strict rules.
Beyond any doubt, there’s stuff you’ll discover on arbitrage wagering and other abuses that are on the edge of being unlawful, but that’s certainly not what we’re here for!

But in case prop wagering procedure doesn’t have a strict set of rules, how ought we approach it?

Well, we’re talking about a matter that can’t truly be passed on from one bettor to another. Whereas that might work for other wagering methodologies and frameworks, online prop wagering has so numerous openings that there’s no “one estimate fits all” solution.
You’ll need to cater the alternatives to your needs, alter the stake on the fly, and learn from your botches some time recently cementing a methodology. It’s the great ancient strategy of trial and mistake. And it’s a time-consuming handle, but I’m beyond any doubt that taking after our counsel will offer assistance to reduce the learning bend!

What Is Prop Betting? – Prop Betting Strategy Tips

Prop wagering speaks to bets set on anything other than the commonplace moneylines, amusement sums, and point spreads. Recommendation wagering is the total title, and the assortment is endless. Why do individuals cherish prop wagers?
Well, not as it were, they are by and large considered the least demanding wager sort consistency-wise, they’re moreover engaging.

Most Common Prop Betting Options on Sportsbooks – Prop Betting Strategy Tips

Let’s confront it, most individuals wager on sports props. That’s the foremost prevalent category—the one everybody is the foremost comfortable in. But not all sports props are the same.

Most Common Prop Betting Options on Sportsbooks – Prop Betting Strategy Tips

Let’s confront it, most individuals wager on sports props. That’s the foremost prevalent category—the one everybody is the foremost comfortable in. But not all sports props are the same. We’re not fair talking about sheer notoriety here, but we’re talking about other important variables, as well. For occasion, a few prop wagers have basic “yes or no” scenarios. A few have various conceivable results; a few are based on a single player and their execution. The assortment is unending, really.

Common Yes/No Prop Betting Opportunities

  • Will There Be Overtime?
  • Will There Be a Touchdown in the First Half?
  • Will There Be a Penalty Kick?
  • Will the Team That Scores First Win the Match?

Player-Specific and Team-Specific Prop Bets

  • Will Messi Score a Goal?
  • Will Juventus Get a Penalty Kick?
  • Will Chelsea Get a Red Card?
  • Will Bruno Fernandes Make an Assist?

Prop Bets with Multiple Possible Outcomes

  • Total Interception in a Match
  • Total Sacks in a Match
  • Total Passing Yards
  • Exact Number of Goals in a Match

Typical Prop Betting Categories

Sports Props

The above-listed prop wagers are the normal bunch you’ll discover when chasing for sports props. The choices shift from bookie to bookie, so on the off chance that one doesn’t have what you’re trying to, find do your biddings elsewhere. But basing your prop wagering methodology exclusively on sports wagers won’t get you distant. The key is in combining sports props with other critical categories, such as excitement, legislative issues, and esports.

Entertainment Props – Prop Betting Strategy Tips

What’s this all almost? What precisely do amusement props speak to? Well, accept it or not, a few online bookmakers have in-depth scope of stuff like reality TV, movie/TV/music grants, the National Spelling Bee, and bounty more. Yes, sir, you’ll bet on who’ll win the following American Idol, The Voice, and Survivor—assuming you’ll be able to discover a bookie that highlights such wagers, of course. The thing is, they’re not that troublesome to discover, particularly Oscars, Emmys, and Brilliant Globes props. They’re all over!

Political Props

At that point, there’s legislative issues, of course! The 2020 US races were truly something in terms of by and large wagering nearness. And there was more to it than a straightforward Biden vs. Trump wager. A few bookies permitted clients to wager on when precisely the race would end. The request was through the roof, with Betfair recording over $564 million wager on the 2020 Presidential Race. Here’s a curiously political prop we secured in the final year.

Esports Props

The esports wagering industry isn’t to be taken for granted! It has been rising relentlessly for nearly a decade presently, with no signs of stopping—only more development! With that said, it’s no wonder esports props exist. However, you might discover them beneath a diverse title. Esports specials are what they’re for the most part labeled as, but the concept is precisely the same.
Keep in intellect, in spite of the fact that, as it were, the greatest esports occasions out there have in-depth prop scope. We’re talking about the greatest occasions in Dota 2, CSGO, and Alliance of Legends, and that’s about it. Don’t anticipate being wagering on esports props week in and week out. It’s planning to take at least some more a long time for that to be a standard.  

Prop Betting Strategy Advice – Prop Betting Strategy Tips

As expressed within the intro, coming up together with your claim prop wagering technique is the finest course of action. Watching other people’s illustrations is one thing, but don’t let them direct you all the way. You’ll need to make a few changes here and there, so you might as well do everything from scratch. What are the foremost vital things you ought to center on when it comes to sports wagering or indeed esports wagering? Well, the total pre-betting framework is of vital significance so we’ll begin off with that.

Double-Check the Stats

Make beyond any doubt you’ve got all the proper numbers. Investing is half of the work; double-check the stats so your coordinate is rectified!
No matter what kind of prop wagers you’re pointing for, being up to speed on all important information is of key esteem. You can’t anticipate to reliably win half baked wagers. That’s not possible!  
Open up a spreadsheet and do your offering there. A single sheet is sufficient to keep you active for a week, particularly on the off chance that you’re pointing for highly anticipated challenges such as the opening rounds of the season or first matches of a major event.
Sports prop wagering is by far the foremost well known category. Online NFL wagering tops the charts, as well. In case you’re into that, make sure beyond any doubt you check out our NFL prop wagering direct. It’s a must-read for everybody, no matter the ability level!  

Beware of Vague Phrasing

Wagers  tend to be vague with their prop betting opportunities. For instance, you might see the following bet:


On the off chance that you put “yes” and the Argentinian entertainer wins two helps, a few bookies might cross your bet out since “an assist” as it were infers one help, not two. When certain figures aren’t indicated, they continuously go in favor of the bookie; keep that in intellect at all times!  Only pick prop wagers that have everything certainly appropriately! That’s the way you’ll be 100% beyond any doubt you’re progressing to get your payout—assuming you win, of course.

Don’t Rely on Luck-Based Props – Prop Betting Strategy Tips

Luck-based props are a thing. Aren’t all props based on luckiness? No! We’re talking approximately appropriate luck-based props here; stuff like odd/even number of goals/touchdowns/rounds. These require no information, fair luck. A bit of luckiness here, a bit of good fortune there—and a bit of it everywhere!
We certainly don’t encourage playing around with these bets.
On the off chance that you’re genuine around your prop wagering methodology, you ought to base it around props simply can analyze with stats that are promptly accessible. Those are the key variables to consider in what is only a little parcel of the complexity that’s the online prop wagering process.

Don’t Invest Too Much Into Prop Betting

Indeed in spite of the fact that our prop wagering exhortation might appear just like the category is all rainbows and butterflies, that doesn’t mean you ought to adhere to fair prop wagering. Broaden your bets; don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!
Investing too much into prop wagering could be a no-go. Keep yourself active with customary bets. Driving props won’t get you anywhere!
Even in case you don’t need to tune in to our exhortation here, bookies are likely to restrain your stakes. Hell, they might indeed confine your prop wagering exercises or boycott you from the category should you win one as well numerous continuous bets. It’s fair to be beyond any doubt .  

Come up With Your Own Prop Betting Strategy

Typically the thing we’ve been attempting to emphasize all along! There are just too many figures included with prop wagering methodologies. It’s superior to create the complete framework on your own than to form it over somebody else’s wagering process. Whether we’re talking about particular prop wagering alternatives, stake amounts, betting framework, or bankroll management, everyone’s wagering propensities are different. With that said, figuring things out on your own is the finest approach here. It’s the foremost time-consuming one, but it’ll pay off within the long run.

The Pros and Cons of Prop Bets

So, is prop betting what everyone should be wagering on all the time? Prop betting, just like everything else in life, has its pros and cons.


  • They provide a lot of variety
  • They feature interesting wagering options
  • They spice up the entertainment
  • They often yield hefty returns
  • Bets can easily be exploited


  • Bookies typically restrict prop betting stakes
  • You’re likely to get restrictions yourself if you win often
  • Some of them are based solely on luck
  • They cannot be handicapped (in most cases)

Prop Betting FAQ

We aren’t done fair however. We still have to address a few burning questions you might have about prop wagers and prop wagering strategy.

Is Prop Betting Profitable?

Certain prop wagers bring forward a ton of esteem, particularly those with numerous conceivable results. In any case, you ought to know that bookies tend to put confinements on prop wagers. Regularly, we’re talking around most extreme stake confinements. You won’t be able to wager thousands of bucks on a single prop; most places won’t permit that. In more extraordinary scenarios, individuals who always win enormous with prop wagers (indeed with limitations in put) are likely to be prohibited from playing encourage prop wagers. This isn’t that common, but it can happen in the event that your prop wagering methodology is on point.

What’s the Deal With Prop Betting Strategies?

What’s the bargain with prop wagering methodologies besides? This piece is all about that, but we haven’t given you any genuine numbers, no genuine stats and frameworks, none of that stuff. Why is that so? Well, our objective is to allow you to exhortation on how to tailor a prop wagering framework to your own needs. Observing other people’s procedures can get you so far… You’ll ought to play around with numbers and wagering alternatives to discover the culminate adjust for your specific wagering fashion.

Why Can’t I Find Any Esports Prop Bets?

Don’t stress, folks! There are bounties of prop wagering openings within the esports environment. The thing is, they’re fair called in an unexpected way. Esports wagering devotees allude to prop bets as esports specials. Be beyond any doubt , in spite of the fact that they are as it were accessible amid the scene’s greatest occasions.

Can Bookies Limit Prop Betting Stakes?

Yes, they can, and they will, accepting you win all of your prop bets with tall stakes. Such limits have been a portion of the prop amusement for a while presently. It’s no mystery that most bookies lose cash on prop bets… That’s why they’ve begun to actualize stake confinements and donate by and large prop bans to certain players (studied visit winners). Don’t let that debilitate you in spite of the fact that. You’ll still win a ton of cash in the event that you come up with and adhere to your claim prop wagering methodology.

What Are the Best Websites for Prop Betting?

You’ve perused through the entire piece; you know what props are, what to anticipate in terms of assortment, and the potential dangers they might bring forth… But there’s still one thing bothering you—which bookie ought to you utilize to maximize the comes about of your prop wagering strategy? Worry not! Our best online sportsbooks directly have all the answers you’re searching for. Consider that piece you exceptionally possess online prop wagering Book of scriptures. It’ll dispense with all getting teeth issues and assist you get your orientation. It’s an awesome way to kickstart your sports wagering enterprise!

Why Bet Props?

Why should you bet on props? There are two main reasons. Additional action: If you aren’t satisfied with just rooting for a team in a game, props offer a way to stay involved during almost every play. If you bet Mecole Hardman to score a touchdown for the Chiefs during the Super Bowl, you’ll be on the edge of your seat every time Patrick Mahomes drops back and launches a deep ball, hoping Hardman is on the other end of it. If you bet Travis Kelce over 6.5 catches, you’ll be hoping for plenty of action in the flat and over the middle.
Props are exploitable: With a little math, you can get the better of many prop markets. Betting limits are low for these props, so books aren’t as incentivized to get the lines right.
Remember, the biggest advantage you have over a sportsbook is that you don’t need to take every bet, and they do (they’re supposed to, anyway). By specializing in a certain type of prop, you can beat the books because they can’t get hundreds of lines as accurate as you can get one or two.

Prop Bets vs Futures

Proposition bets are often confused for futures bets, however, they are not the same thing. A future is a bet you make on events that will occur in time. These are bets made prior to the start of the season for any sport, like which team will win the World Series, or which team will win their conference.
No matter if you’re looking for player props on how many TDs Tom Brady will throw during a Buccaneers-Packers NFC championship game or making picks on which player will win Super Bowl MVP, we’ve got you covered.

Where is the best place to make prop bets?

The best place to make prop bets is at the top prop betting sites online. Such prop bet sites include Bovada, Bodog, BetOnline, Intertops, Betsafe, Sports Interaction, Betway and PowerPlay. These are the best places on the internet to make prop bets, especially when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl.

How to Read Prop Odds

Understanding odds is the first step in making a prop bet. At your online sportsbook of choice, you’ll see prop odds listed as follows: NFL First Touchdown Scorer: Eagles vs Packers
  • Davante Adams +300
  • Aaron Jones +450
  • Zach Ertz +700
  • Miles Sanders +1000
If you believe that Adams is going to score the first TD, and you wager $40 on him, a winning bet would give you a payout of $160 – your original $40 is returned along with your prize of $120.

For the purpose of this example, we used American odds. However, you can choose between decimal (1.20) or fractional (1/5) if you want. Bettors in North America tend to prefer their namesake odds, whereas those in the UK gravitate to fractions. Most betting sites will offer each odds type. To determine how much you’d win based on the odds and how much you bet, you can use our Odds Calculator.


Prop markets are a subset of what’s known as derivative markets – that is, the numbers offered derive from those in other markets.
A simple intuitive example comes from a quarterback’s total passing yards prop. Let’s say a game has a total of 52, a fairly high over/under in the NFL. Maybe the quarterback on the favored team has a passing prop over/under 299.5. Again, this would be a fairly high total that derives from the high game total. The market expects the game to be a high-scoring shootout, therefore, the QBs will likely have passing yardage props on the high end.
Now, imagine the team’s entire receiving corps got sick and was declared out a few days before the game. Note that this actually happened to the Browns when they played the Jets last season, so it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. The game’s total will likely drop, along with the team’s total. The QB’s passing prop, which derives from these markets, should drop as well, assuming it was posted early enough.
In actuality, this doesn’t always happen, which can create some value for the bettor. We’ll talk about this later. Generally speaking, prop bets have low limits. Most sportsbooks offer max bets on props at a fraction of the max for things like moneyline bets and over/unders.
Also, many props don’t get posted until the day of the game. A notable exception to this would be the Super Bowl, when prop markets get posted more than a week in advance at some sportsbooks. Also note that primetime/island games typically offer the biggest selection of props since the sportsbooks expect more interest and handle for these games. They therefore want a more robust selection of markets for their customers.
Once posted, prop markets can move quickly. A few limit bets on the under might move a running back’s prop from, say, 85.5 to 80.5. Or, maybe the vig, or the juice, gets moved. Instead of shifting from 85.5 to 80.5 maybe the sportsbook moves the price on the under from -110 all the way to -160.


Prop wagering openings are unending. They are a boundless source of amusement and benefit potential. As such, it’s unquestionably worth taking the time to create your claim prop wagering technique. Discover something simply can reliably anticipate. Discover something with remarkable esteem; discover something not a parcel of individuals know about. Prop wagering technique is one of those things you shouldn’t brag around with. There’s no “one estimate fits all” reply here. The subtleties make and break the encounter; it’s up to you to discover the combo that fits your wagering and examination style. With those words, we’re all done here. Trust you’ll begin counting prop wagers into your week after week endeavors!