Safest US Casino Sites

Safest US Casino Sites 2022 – How To Know Where To Play Safe? Being safe online today is most important thing nowadays, especially when it comes to online casinos. You came here probably because you are looking for that kind of casino and don’t worry, we got you covered.
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Real Money Online Slots And Sports Betting Are Definitely Not The Same Thing, But What They Have In Common Is That You Are Wagering Money And There Is No Reason Why You Can’t Enjoy Both Of Those Things.

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Real Money Online Slots And Sports Betting Are Definitely Not The Same Thing, But What They Have In Common Is That You Are Wagering Money And There Is No Reason Why You Can’t Enjoy Both Of Those Things.

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Our team of experts take a lot of time to explore the safest casinos online, to us every detail matters, they tested them carefully all with real money deposits. So if you are looking for safe online casinos, we definitely recommend you to look at this list below.
You can continue reading if you want to do a little more research about our process for finding and vetting the safest online casinos.

Safest USA Online Real Money Casinos – Safest US Casino Sites

This page is only dedicated to US players who are looking for safe online casinos they can play at without any concern. The most of concerns from people is if playing online casinos in the US is legal.
The are several legal US online casinos where you can play safely. They smartest thing to do for you is to check how your individual state treats online gambling laws.
Most of the laws are mainly focused on brick and mortar and this is just the currently situation, and they are leaving the world of online casinos and sportsbooks in a bit of a gray area. For now you won’t have any kind of trouble playing at online casinos, you just need to be more careful, so the best thing to do is to choose safe online casinos.

How To Find The Safest Real Money Casinos Online in US

We are going to share with you step-by-step our process of choosing the safest online casino sites in the US.

1. Checking the Casino’s History – Safest US Casino Sites

The first thing to do when we choose Us online casino that we want to test is to immediately start research through forums and to summon as much history as we can find. These are some of the qualities we are looking for…
  • Has this online casino ever had any kind of problems with paying out their customers?
  • How long do they exist?
  • What kind of complaints do users have about this online casino site?
Any USA casinos online can claim this or that, but we’re more interested in how actual customers have responded to the casino. If they haven’t paid out winners or people complain about customer service, we will find it.
If they don’t pay out winners, then it’s obviously not one of the safest online casinos where you can deposit your money with confidence. If they have a lot of people complaining about them online, that’s a huge red flag.
If they are new to the industry, that doesn’t mean they can’t be safe. Still, it’s definitely trickier recommending newcomers to the market until we see how they handle business.
Every USA casinos online can brag about themselves, but the real measure is how the actual customers responded to the casino. We find out everything about them, if they don’t pay out winners or if people complain about something, we will find out about that.
If the casino that we are testing is new in this industry, that doesn’t mean that they are not safe, but we are always waiting to see how they will handle the business.

2. Navigate the Real Money Casinos Online

After we’ve done some digging on casinos history, the next step is to peek around the actual casino. We are looking at how the site functions and we are looking for things that might be broken that can cause problems to their users.
Our team can most of the time notice when things feel off on a site just by how it works and how it’s cared for. The casino might be risky if they don’t have proper maintenance or if they have broken links or designs. Those things can set off the alarm to our team that something is wrong with that casino and they won’t be on our list.

3. Testing Online Casinos Games – Safest US Casino Sites

The software that online US casinos are using are very important to declare whether it’s a safe casino to play at or not. If they don’t use legit software, users can have problems with playing games.
At that time, we were just playing games with virtual money, not real money. We are just testing their free play options if they have it. If they do, we want to see how they work.

4. Making Real Money Deposits And Playing Different Games

This part is a little bit risky because we are giving real money to casinos that we are testing without knowing whether it’s safe or not. It’s not a huge amount of money, we are just testing it out for you.
Casinos that are legit and reliable will always handle our money fairly so we never have to be worried. If all of that goes well, we are moving to the final phases of our testing process.

5. Customer Services

When we want to test customer service, we are just asking questions like “How long will it take to withdraw my money?” and many more questions like that. We are testing every method of communication like emails, calling, or live chats.
Customer service has to be painless if they want to end up on our recommendation list and they have to answer all of our questions.

6. Withdrawing Funds

This is probably the most important step to us. If they want to appear on our recommendation list they have to pay out our withdrawals in the time they claim.
We are testing out every real money banking like cryptos, so we can get quicker withdrawals. We are also testing out slower banking methods like getting mailed checks because we believe in being very thorough.
We are basically looking for safe real money casinos by testing every detail and looking if they have any kind of mistakes. This is just how it has to be done if they appear on our list.